Solar energy calculator
for a 12, 24 or 48 volts system

Please get a pin number to use this calculator by calling at 201-952-8385

Important note: This is an energy calculator program designed to calculate how much energy you use in your home
or business, so, by this mean, would be easier to design an off-grid solar energy project for you.

This application is designed in 4 section.
Section 1 is for calculating lights and DC appliances. DURAN SOLAR POWER strongly recommend the use of LED lamps using
DC voltage. This is the type of light we believe are the best so far, for a solar energy system.

Section 2 is for calculating AC appliances watts daily consumption.
Note: To select a tv size, use the drop-down menu, for other appliances, please use the checkbox on left.

Section 3 is for batteries, solar modules, charge controller and inverter sizing.
Section 4 is a summary and cost of the solar energy system.
Wire size selection requires you to consider two important criteria: Ampacity and voltage drop. This topic is not include
in this calculator. Please contact Julio Durán at 201-952-8385 for questions concerning wires and cables for you solar energy
Please ente pin number:

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