Garret Augustus Morgan


Garret Augustus Morgan, One of the country's most successful African-American inventors. He invented two great product, the gas mask, and the traffic signal. This
inventor was born from slaves parents in Paris, KY. in 1877. Although his education did not go beyond the sixth-grade level, he had an innate mechanical mind that enabled him to solve problems.
After moving to Cleveland, Ohio, at the age of 18, he already possessed a great work's discipline which led him to inmediate success. Morgan started his own sewing equipment repairs business and
established a newspaper, "The Cleveland call".

But his most prolific accomplishments came in his role as an inventor. In 1914, he received a patent for a very important product that help preserved life in moments of emergencies, this was "The gas mask",
but, it wasn't until two years later that this idea really took off. A group of workers get stock in a tunnel below Lake Erie after an explosion, Morgan and a team of men, donned the masks to help
get them out. After the rescue was a success, requests for the masks began to pouring in.

The gas mask.

From this brilliant mind, came another invention that helped then and now, save a lot of life, this is the famous "traffic signal". The reason for this Morgan's invention was an accident that he witnessed on a
roadway, he decided a device was needed to keep buggies, cars and pedestrian from colliding. His traffic signal was designed to stand on a street corner and notify vehicles and pederstrian
whether they should stop or go. After Morgan received a patent for this important invention in 1923, the General Electric bought the rights to produce it.

There is not doubt that this man contribute to the molding of the great North America.

The men who molded North America

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