by: Julio Durán

The men who molded North America

Since its origin, humans have always been in the need to know, discover, and apply better methods to
make their life easier, more secure, and interesting.These pages are dedicated, first to them, to these
men that had transformed with their knowledge and inventions, our lives. Since the invention of the wheel,
to the construction of the super-computer and more. Also is dedicated to the land of North America, the
place that was their homeland or the land where they came to seek liberty and refuge. The story of these
men teach us that a nation can develope only when men like them are born or emigrate to its soil.

By the time when education in school or colleges were very little, some of those boys grew up to be
inventors and industrialists, who made important contribution to North America's growth. They helped in
the molding of a great nation, helping it to become a great economic power.

God bless America and the men who molded it!!

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