and t-shirt screen printing.

Julio Duran

Tel# 201-952-8385 from 8:am to 5:00 pm Eastern time.

T-shirt screen printing

Black t-shirt $4.00 each.

light blue $4.00 each.

True royal $4.00 each.
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We are the best team designing website for business and individual. Check with us and see what we can do for your business. If you want to create a store free of Banks and credit cards, we create it for you, (Your store takes money orders or personal checks only). In case you just need a website for your personal use, for example (your hobby, like photography, fishing, the unforgotable vacation, etc.) This is the team that put in the internet all this.

Prices for a basic website. Set up and design fee: $175.00 (up to 7 pages, 15 graphics, 7 links, 3 e-mail links.) 425.00 (up to 12 pages, 25 graphics, 12 links, 7 e-mail links) Non-basic HTML pages(include elements such as forms, javaScript and heavy graphics.) add $45.00 dollars. Page modification: free for three month. after three month we charge $55.00 for any modification or completed change to your website. We accept, evaluate and apply your ideas. Website hosting: $232.00 for a two years contract.


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