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Batteries can store only direct current, and most appliances today are designed to run on alternating current. The inverter is the bridge, between the batteries and those appliances that need alternating cuttent to operate normally. All this happen because the alternating current is easier to transport over a long distance and has become the conventioinal modern electrical standard. Alternating current and direct current are by nature, fundamentally incompatiple.

The fundamental purpose of a photovoltaic system inverter is to change the direct current store in a battery or a bank of batteries, to an alternating current that eventually would be used to power appliances that can not be used with direct currect.

Over the years, manufacturer have used different method to change low voltage direct currect to higher voltage alternating current. The first inverter, used a basic transistor to abruptly switch the polarity of the direct current electricity from positive to negative at a rate of 60 cycle per second, creating a square wave form. This relatively crude form of "alternating current" then passes through a transformer to increase the voltage. The three most common waveforms that can be produced with inverters are: Square wave, Modified square wave and Sine wave.

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