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Wasted phantom energy
Avoiding the WPE

Julio Duran

Watch out!. These appliances steal your power even when they are turned off. You have to avoid this, not only when using
renewable energy, but also if you are tied to the grid.

Lately, with the incorporation of micro-computers in many appliances and equipment in general, we do not notice a waste of
energy that is happening 24 hours a day, and is an energy consummed and added to our monthly energy bill, yes, to that bill
we have to pay every month.

We, at JD Solar, recommend avoiding what we call WPE (wasted phantom energy). An example of this wasted phantom energy,
is the new micro-wave oven that I bought last year for christmas. It look so nice and do a wonderful job with my frozen food,
however, this is an example of innovation and technology with micro-computer integrated to show the time and temperature  we
need for cooking our meals, however, this is where we have the wasted phantom energy, and remember that maybe this is not
the only appliance with this characteristic that we have in our home. We also have the electric clock, stereo equipment and many
others appliances for our modern life that waste energy even if they are turned off.

The cure for this waste of energy is, using a switch to cut off the electricity when we go to bed, however if we are using an
electric alarm clock plug to the ac line, it look impossible to avoid this problem. we recommend using a quartz type clock,
battery powered, and whenever possible, disconnect all appliances from the ac line when not in used. Windows based pc
computers run on any inverter and apple computer do not requiere  a "true sine wave" inverter.

Try using energy efficient appliances, and if you plan to use solar energy, contact JD Solar, we help you in the planning and
sizing a good solar energy project for your home or business.

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